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Wasps Control Spider Zombies

Wasps Control Spider Zombies Wasp attacks orb-weaving spider. Wasp makes spider her zombie slave. Zombie spider carefully nests wasp eggs until they hatch into baby wasp. Baby wasp eats now useless zombie spider slave. Is this for real? You bet it is. In Japan, scientists have found that the R....
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Bugs Begone! The Best Insect Repellents Revealed

Bugs Begone! The Best Insect Repellents Revealed While bug repellents can be a pain to use, most of them being sticky and foul smelling, they are a necessary evil for anyone spending time outdoors. While avoiding getting itchy, red bites is one reason to use them, a more important consideration...
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OUCH! What was that?!

OUCH! What was that?! Getting stung or bitten by an insect is never pleasant. Sometimes all you feel is the instant OUCH, and before you know it the insect is gone never letting you know what got you. Have you ever felt the sting of a twig ant? Have you...
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