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OUCH! What was that?!

OUCH! What was that?! Getting stung or bitten by an insect is never pleasant. Sometimes all you feel is the instant OUCH, and before you know it the insect is gone never letting you know what got you. Have you ever felt the sting of a twig ant? Have you...
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Bed Bugs in Your Home

Protecting your mattresses from bed bugs Over the past decade, bed bugs have become an epidemic across the United States. This pests are a true menace. They are capable of causing several health problems, such as various allergic reactions, psychological effects and skin rashes. Their bites will often turn into...
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Cockroaches or Waterbugs? The oriental cockroach, also known as the waterbug, is a problematic pest that is common in the southern, mid-west and northwestern United States. They have some notable differences from the American cockroach. Habitat They have a tendency to travel at a slower pace than other species of...
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